We strive to
bridge the
gap between
despair and


Our Vision >

To alleviate homelessness, hunger, health disparities, and other circumstances that put families and children at risk of living in poverty.

Our Mission >

Community Ministry of Prince George’s County is an interfaith 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that is committed to help meet the human service needs of residents of Prince George’s County, to help reduce health disparities, and to help close the educational achievement gap of members of under served communities.

Our Work


We thank Faith community members, government officials, and caring individuals for your prayers and support over our 40 years of service Helping People and Developing Community Leaders.

Today Community Ministry continues to focus on providing emergency food, utility, and rental assistance, housing, health care education and other supportive services. With today’s tough economic conditions, many in our community need these services to help them “make ends meet”.

We would like this website to be a place of collaboration to help those in need in our neighborhoods and community. So we invite you to provide information that may help others and to link your congregation’s or organization’s website to our site. The service or resource you offer may meet a specific pressing need of a member of our community.

It is our prayer that our ministry will impact your life in some positive way and that you are inspired to join us as we seek to provide an uplifting hand to those in need in our community.

Jimmie L. Slade, Executive Director

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